North Jetty Brewing – New Beer Releases 
Released Today Oct 5th

Fresh and Wilder! 4.9% ABV 12 IBU
Once a year there comes both an exciting and an unpredictable time I the life of a brewery: it’s called Fresh hop season! Hops are pulled directly from the drying floor without any form of processing and added to a boil kettle of wort…what results is both exciting and as stated above, unpredictable! This year North Jetty combined one of our popular pale ale recipes with 150 lbs of Idaho 7 fresh hops to create Fresh and Wilder! A base of 2 row, C-15, Rye and Honey malt join perfectly with the Idaho 7’s to create an easy drinking ale. Idaho 7 hops are big on tropical aromas and citrus (think apricot, orange, red grapefruit, and papaya). These aromas paired with the typical fresh hop funk combine to create a fun beer only brewed once a year. Drink up and enjoy!

2nd Time Around IIPA 9.1% ABV 101 IBU
Sometimes it takes twice to get something just right. As with all things recipe related often a little tweaking is necessary to get things the way you want. The original incarnation of this beer was great, but not quite what the brewer wanted! So….a little bit of this, a little less of that and VOILA! 2nd Time Around is here! A simple base of 2 row malt and Victory malt create the base for this recipe which is all about the hops. Old school all the way with Columbus, Cascade, Chinook and Simcoe. This beer is big, bold and yet surprisingly balanced. Have one and we are pretty sure you’ll be back for a 2nd Time Around! Drink Responsibly