North Jetty Brewing – Join us for an Oktoberfest celebration and 2 new beer releases!

JettyFest Marzen Style and Bava What – Bavarian Dunkle Kristal Weizen.

Stanley’s Grill will have 100% beef German sausage made locally with our Marzen at Smokehouse Butcher Block in Astoria. Limited Supply so come early!

Festival Details:  Sept 29th
Where: 4200 Pacific Way, Seaview, Washington 98644
Time: 12-5pm

Bava What? is a Bavarian Dunkles Kristalweizen. Long name, delicious beer! Filled with all the things you would expect from a German Wheat Beer. The yeast imparts phenols (clove smell) and esters (banana smell) that balance perfectly to create a delicate bouquet. White Wheat, Pils Malt, Munich Dark Malt, and Vienna Malts create a dark color that is deceptively light on the palate. Undertones of caramel and bread crust flavors may also be experienced. Balanced, gentle, and tasty, we think Bava What? may just be your new seasonal go to brew! Prost! 5.2% ABV 12 IBU

JettyFest: a Marzen-style Fest Beer! Our salute to this grand festival is this Marzen-style beer made with the very best grains that Germany has to offer: Dark Munich malt, Pilsen malt and a touch of Vienna provide the luscious backbone to easy drinking pint of liquid bread. Pairs well with German sausage, pretzels, sauerkraut, or even a taco! So grab a pint, raise it high and join us this Oktoberfest with a mighty PROST! 5.5% ABV 23 IBU