FOB Brewing – New M4 Blonde Ale

M4 started out as our beloved Pale Ale. The M4 is the most widely used weapon across our military and for many of us we still have that feeling in the back of our head that we set our M4 down somewhere and we better find it before we catch hell for misplacing it. Our hands feel awkward and empty for months after returning home from a deployment.  There are many like it but this one is mine!

M4 Pale Ale just hasn’t come together as I had hoped either in the recipe or the sales.

However, our Blonde, Stacked Blonde, is our best selling beer. Everything about this beer has been a success. So why change the name of a winning product?

It’s not OK to make jokes at the expense of a woman. Well…of anyone but this particular name made many of my customers uncomfortable. I saw it on their faces as they ordered it for their husbands, I heard it in their voices as they begrudgingly ordered one for themselves. I also heard the borderline offensive jokes said to my employees, even my own wife. And that is not OK. I won’t be a part of it.