Triceratops Brewing – Tumwater, WA

Fezzik Brut IPA – ABV 6.4%

This was my first Brut IPA.  But Hell, what’s a Brut IPA?  I had to figure that out first. Am I going to be drinking a beer with small bubbles that is like champagne?

Brut IPA is a dry, fizzy beer with plenty of hop aromatics, but not as much bitterness as a typical American IPA.

So, after I figured out that this is going to be dry wait, how dry?  Really it is not super dry it is nice easy drinking IPA with a good finish that comes off dry.  Super flavor and great hop aromas.  Triceratops (Rob – Head Brewer) made a great beer.  I loved the flavor and the finish.  I get it now the beer is just a dryer yet tasty version of the big brother, IPA. The bitterness is very light, and I was impressed with this new style.

Flavor – Nice malt backing with a citrus hop flavor that I really like.
Aroma – Citrus and floral forward and no tiny bubbles in my nose when I did the geeky sniff test.
Overall – I was very pleasantly surprised with beer and the style.  Thank you, Rob, for a great beer and making me a believer in Brut IPAs.

Name of the Beer Is Fezzik Bruit IPA which Fezzik, is after the name of Andre the Giants character in Princess Bride.  Who can’t love that movie.

Cheers to Fezzik Brut IPA.   “Anybody want a Peanut?”