North Jetty Brewing
0.0 Brut IPA – ABV 7% IBU “L0.0W”

When you think low IBU you don’t typically think IPA but we are here to change your mind. 0.0 Brut IPA is a light refreshing “Brut” style IPA with loads of flavor and aroma while maintaining the low IBU. We started with a base of Pilsen and flaked corn, then artfully blended Galaxy, Mosaic, and Hallertau Blanc hops in the boil. Once fermentation was almost complete we added the enzyme alpha-amylase to break down the remaining sugars bringing us all the way to zero Plato. This is what lends the dry and crisp nature of this citrusy delight! To top it all off we dry hopped with a massive amount of the same carefully chosen hops from the end of boil, and what you get is all the beautiful flavor and aroma of the hops without any of the bitterness making this new style beer easy on the palate.

Very Limited only at North Jetty or the Vancouver Summer Brewfest Aug 10-11