Today – Triceratops Brewing just released their newest creation Fezzik Brut IPA.

It is so new we know it is 6.4% ABV and with a new yeast strain and due to be in cans by July 19th.

From Rob Horn (Head Brewer/Owner/Steelers Fan)
This Brut IPA is bone dry and refreshing.  The Pekko hops add light notes of mint and thyme, which play on the fruity tropical tones of the El Dorado hops. This crisp, dry beer is a perfect refreshment for the Hot summer days!!!

So whats the new Brut IPA craze?

Brut IPA:   Mimicking the qualities of sparkling white wine in a beer, this beer is effervescent, bone-dry, with minimal bitterness and malt character to allow the hoppiness to burst forth.