Fish Brewing – Rumor has it the Spire Cider is going to have a new POG (Passion Fruit Orange Guava Cider coming soon.) Great new beers are coming and I hear more beers in cans.

Top Rung Brewing – Just won 2 awards at the WA Beer Awards – Bronze for their Coffee Red and again My Dog Scout Stout takes a medal this time Silver. That’s 2 gold and a Silver in the past 4 years.  Great new beers coming out all the time and with the road construction finally done you’ll have a smooth drive to the brewery and try the always tasty beers. Food trucks are available and if you want bring the kids and pack your own picnic.

Matchless Brewing – They got huge accolades from Seattle Mag – Best Northeastern IPA – All Fluff IPA – This is a must try for any beer geek, if you are into trying new beers this hazy beer will confuse, intrigue and make you wonder whats next in the beer world.  Great Music on tap for tonight also Retro Jade will be playing at 7pm.

Triceratops Brewing – Now if you like to try new beers and such just a short walk from Matchless on the other side of the building is Triceratops Brewing – Now with Jurassic World just out go try some beers after the movie.  Family friendly and also with a WA Beer Awards Bronze for their Pennsyltucky lager.  Check out the beers, as they always rotate and Rob (Head brewer) is always brewing up something new and with a
Brut IPA just released as of yesterday.

Well 80 Brewing – Well 80 the newest to the South Sound located downtown Olympia has great beers, food and the Chicken and Waffles for myself are a awesome with a pint.  Paul the brewer is making the beer as fast as he can to keep up.  Original Lager Year ’64 is one of many beers Paul is making along with IPAs, and some Belgian Abby Ales.  Welcome Well 80

Three Magnets Brewing – Oh man hang on these guys have a new beer every other day.  The Big Tom’s Milkshake  IPA is coming and I know for myself I will be seeking this as it comes out.  Three Mag’s also has a Gose coming out that has a kaleidoscope of flavors.  More to come as they add new beers almost weekly.  

Cascadia Brewing – Yes, Cascadia Brewing came from being a Homebrew store to now Brewing their own beers and serving them.   Located also downtown this spot has the brews.  With over 9 different brews and they also include some Kombucha which I need to try as I really don’t have a clue what it is.  Word is they are always trying something new.

Hoh River Brewing – Holy cow batman there is more.  Hoh River Brewing located just off Mottman road on the backside of Tumwater. This 1bbl brewery is making tasty beverages as well.  Frostbite IPA, Blood Orange Dunkle and the Porter was killer.

That’s it for now but there are more coming.  Headless Mumby just building out as we speak and I hear of 2 maybe more.