7 Seas Brewing – Releases Axis Brut IPA

6.9% ABV~30 IBU
Release: Thursday 6/21
– Limited Draft Available 

Brut IPA, a relatively new category of IPA emerging out of the California Bay area brewing scene, is distinguished by its’ light color, effervescence, intense hop aroma, dry finish, and minimal hop bitterness.

7 Seas Axis Brut IPA is brewed with 100% light German pilsner malt for a straw color and refined malt character.  We employ a certain enzyme to the process that breaks down all of the malt starches into fermentable sugars, leaving the beer with nearly no residual sweetness.  Hops are added only for flavor and aroma, and include; Amarillo, El-Dorado, Citra, and a touch of Strata.