For me it was a Dopplebock. The strong malt characters, dark chocolate flavors that linger in the finish and the dark color made me go wow this is one tasty beer. no more fizzy yellow stuff for me.  Sure I love IPA’s and Stouts and can appreciate a complex Belgian beer.  I just realize that the beer that took me onto the journey of craft beer as a hobby and soon a career was the Dopplebock.

A loaded question and I’m sure I’ll hear tons of flack that how can it not be the pale ale or a hefe.  Back in 1990’s when I was first finding my first of many first flavors the one that hit me was the Dopplebock.  Spaten Optimator, Pualiner Salvator or Ayinger Celebrator come to mind they were just so damn tasty.  Now have I had an American Dopplebock that was tasty, I answer with a resounding “Yes.”

The first I can remember was Saxer Brewing JackFrost Winter Dopplebock.  Wasatch brewing has the Devastator Double Bock that when I’m home visiting my folks is always yummy.

What’s your fave Dopplebock?