jason-stoltzA Moment with Top Rung Brewing – Head Brewer Jason Stoltz.

So after a few beers, half a baked chicken and a sunset drive to the ocean Jason, and I got to the real questions of life.
In no particular order here is what I found out.

Top Rung Brewers Night at BrewDad’s 
Thursday Sept 15 6-9pm

71. What was your first beer you ever drank?
JS. First beer was a MGD out of a can from my parents back yard. The can is still stashed back there today.

82. What was your first Craft Beer you ever had and what did you think?
JS. First craft beer I can’t remember. But I remember drinking craft early. Early one was, Widmer Drop Top Amber,  Rogue Dead Guy, and Fish Tale Amber ale. Amber ales where my gateway.

3. How did you get start in brewing?  Homebrewer?  Etc???  What was the first batch you ever made?
JS. I started home brewing with my Co founder and friend Casey Sobol. We did an extract batch of beer at my house on the stove top. I don’t remember what beer it was but it was so humid all the windows were fogged out in the house and we thought the beer spoiled since it had some bubbles on top. (After fermentation.)

4-1. What is your favorite beer you have ever made?  And why?
JS.  Don’t have one.  I’m always game for a good beer whatever the style. I think that’s why we do many styles and we have fun doing them.

5c. If you had to live for the rest of your life with only drinking one beer and not one of your own.  Who and what beer/brewery?
JS. It would be Sierra Nevada. Very true to the beers they make today and put a lot into them throughout the way. Great regular line up but also seasonal and specialty.

6d-1. What is your favorite beer styles?
JS. Lagers. So many types out there from hoppy to malty and everything in between.

67. If you could create a whole new style of beer what would it be?

998. Favorite sport and team?
JS. Football – Sea…………Hawks!!!!Sea……..Hawks!!!

9. What is your ultimate session beer?
JS. Sierra Nevada Pale ale

A) What music do love to listen to while brewing?
JS. Could be AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, to In the Valley Below, and Fleet Foxes, to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Black Keys.

420. What is the craziest ingredient you have added while brewing?
JS. MIKE!!!!!! (Not sure what he meant on this.)

24. Favorite hop(s)
JS. Mosaic and Chinook.

13 What is your go to liquor?
JS. Free

77. Favorite Movie(s)
JS. Breakfast Club

15.  What is your favorite movie Quote?
JS. Anything from Step Brothers

0. Are you on twitter (@Twitter name) what is your favorite twitter #hashtag?
JS. sadly no 🙂

17. Morning person or Night person?
JS. I love morning. Nice to get into the brewery and have a moment with it.

44. What is your favorite Hot sauce?
JS. Siracha. Who’s isn’t???

17. If you could ask me BrewDad one question what would it be?
JS. whats the best part about being a bar owner?
BrewDad – I get to have brewers nights and try so many truly tasty beers and meet so many interesting people in this industry.

Top Rung Brewers Night this Thursday Sept 15, 6-9pm