August 4th is  #IPAday

Here is a great article written by a good friend and colleague in the beer writing world.
We at BrewDad’s will be planning a fun event for the August 4th event.

How to Participate in #IPADay

On the first Thursday of August, which falls on Aug. 4 this year, join beer enthusiasts, breweries and bars across the globe and celebrate IPA Day, a collective toast to one of craft beer’s most iconic styles: the India pale ale.

Founded in 2011, IPA Day is a global celebration of craft beer. It is a universal movement that was created to unite the voices of craft beer enthusiasts, bloggers and brewers worldwide. IPA Day was originally developed as a social media-based holiday, but has since expanded into a worldwide party, boasting hundreds of IPA-themed events and celebrations all over the globe.

IPA Day is not the brainchild of a corporate marketing machine, nor is it meant to serve any particular beer brand. IPA Day is an opportunity for all breweries, bloggers, businesses and beer lovers to connect and share their love of craft beer. It is an opportunity for the entire craft beer culture to combine forces and advocate craft beer through increased education and global awareness.

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