To my amazement a special unannounced delivery came yesterday afternoon.  So it was a nice surprise to see some new beers arrive.  We got busy, stocked the shelves and are now getting close to capacity.  Soon the vendors – “Just buy one more beer please sir.”  “No More beer, I can’t take another beer.”   I see a Monty Python skit from this.

So without further adieu here is what we got.

BD 718Elemental Hard Cider –
Oxygen Pomegranate Infused

Old Schoolhouse Brewing –  
Ruud Awakening IPA
Epiphany Pale
Uncle Big’s Brown

Loowit Brewing – 
Shadow Ninja IPA
Truman’s Goodaman Barrel Aged Strong Ale

Crooked Fence Brewing –
Raspberry Blonde

High Water Brewing – 
Campfire Stout

Brand new to the beer scene. (Drum Roll please)
Premium Northwest PNW (Pacific Northwest Pale Lager)

Check out more about the beer –

NOTE: They even got the spot marked on the can to help guide you to shotgun the beer.  So before you set out on a nice hike go ahead shotgun this beer.  Remember Shotgun your beer responsibly.