North Jetty BrewingNorth Jetty Brewing New Beer Release: 4-23 Dampfbier

4-23 Dampfbier in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the German Purity Law, Reinheitsgebot.

This beer will be released April 15th during the 2nd Anniversary Celebration and is named after the day that Germans celebrate the law of 1516 saying you can only use barley, hops, yeast, and water to make beer. Dampfbier translates to “Steam Beer” and was originated in the Bavarian Forest using the raw materials that were available to the brewer. Wheat was at a premium so only barley was used along with the hops grown in the local Hallertau region.

This combination produces a malty, lightly hopped, golden beer similar to Hefeweizen with little bitterness. The Weiss bier yeast and higher fermentation temperature of  75 F lends a slightly phenolic and Belgian-style aroma and flavor. Being easy and flavorful  to drink and with the low ABV of 5.6% and 21 IBU this will be a great summer beer.

4-23 Dampfbier-Style Ale will be available on draft only at North Jetty Brewing on the Long Beach Peninsula.  Also the Tiki Tap House on April 22nd and the Olympic Club Brewfest on April 23rd in Centralia, as well as the Washington State Brewer’s Festival on Father’s Day Weekend in Merrymore Park, Redmond, Washington.