Coalition Brewing Fresh HopCoalition Brewing: One of our favorite times of the beer year is here. We source our hops that are handpicked from Crosby Farms  in Woodburn that are featured in these two limited and wonderful beers….

“Wet Fruit” 7% ABV 50 IBUs Fresh hop citrus infused IPA. Wet fruit, a fresh hop version of our popular Space Fruit, is a celebration of the hop harvest.  Wet centennial hops fresh from the vine create unique aromatics that intermingle with zest and juice of 5 different citrus fruits.  This special batch beer is only available in limited quantities, enjoy while you can!

Promised Land 4.8 % ABV 50 IBUs is sure to deliver you to a place where the beer flows like…well, beer.  Delicious fresh hop beer to be exact.  This brand new fresh hop, session IPA epitomizes the bounty of this land where we have the privilege to brew. A light malt base lets over 100 lbs of freshly harvested Chinook hops shine through. Giving notes of pine and grapefruit that you can only get from hops right off the vine.  Enjoy this once a year treat while you can!

Cheers to the bountiful Pacific Northwest!