Unknown BrewingThe Unknown Breaks Boundaries Yet Again

This weekend The Unknown Brewing Company brewed what they are calling a Supermegaultra Collaboration.  The beer “Garage Warrior” is a collaboration IPA between the brewery and almost 80 local home brewers, including the Carolina BrewMasters, to brew one batch of beer.

Owner/Head Brewer Brad Shell explains, “We have about 80 brewers in the brewery using their own systems, all brewing the same malt recipe but using different hops. This IPA is going to have up to 270 hop additions!  All of the batches are blended together into one fermenter and then canned for our local market.” When asked how he thinks it will taste, Shell simply said, ” Well, this has never been done. It’s either going to be really good, or the opposite.”

Garage Warrior will be available in 16oz cans around mid-October at local retailers. Portions of the proceeds will go to charities for the Carolina BrewMasters.