Unknown Brewing HehopciraptorThe Unknown Brewing Company releases the Vehopciraptor Bottle 1.2

This is the Unknown’s 2nd run of their double IPA. The Vehopciraptor is at the high end of a double IPA and comes in at 9.9% ABV, includes 9 hop additions and is at 90 IBUs.

Owner and head brewer, Brad Shell, only brews this batch once a year to showcase the great hops used and the balance they create.

Brad says, ‘Don’t let the IBUs fool you, even though it has a lot, most of these hops are well balanced throughout to give this a great nose and a huge hop nector’. Of course he says this while wearing Vehopciraptor claws in the brew house!

There will be a brewery exclusive release in the taproom only this Thursday August 27th and it will become available in 22oz bottles and kegs throughout North and South Carolina within the next 2 weeks.

This is a very limited release so we are excited to see this go quickly.
Grab your bottle before it’s gone!