Unknown Brewing Hospitali-TeaPress Release from The Unknown Brewing Company:

The Unknown Brewing Company is canning Hospitali-Tea for the first time today. This is The Unknown’s 4th can after their Over The Edge IPA, Silverback Stout, and Pregame Session Ale. Hospitali-Tea is a 5.6% Amber ale that the brewery makes with black tea leaves and a touch of sweet orange blossom honey.

The Unknown first made this beer as a 5 gallon batch for their “Smoke Off” BBQ festival. Being in the South and with summertime in full swing, this beer has become more popular than we expected.

“It’s 6000 degrees outside. We made beer with a just a hint of sweet tea. Seems like an easy choice”, says owner/head brewer Brad Shell.

Cans will be available in North and South Carolina as soon as next week and available through September.