Bellevue BrewingFrom Bellevue Brewing some interesting statistics.

According to the Brewers Association as well as our own internal data, by the end of 2014, the Bellevue Brewing Company:

  • Was ranked #109 out of 1,412 brewpubs operating in U.S.A. (within the top 8%).
  • Brewed 1,800 BBLs.
  • Served a little more than 125,000 guests in its taproom.
  • Sold approximately 800 BBLs (198,400 pints), or an average of 548 pints of BBC beer per day, in its taproom.
  • Sold roughly 1,000 BBLs worth of kegs and bottled product in the marketplace.
  • By the end of 2015, the Bellevue Brewing Company intends to:


  • Double its brewing capacity from 3,000 BBLs to just a little more than 6,000 BBLs.
  • Be distributed in British Columbia as well as the great State of Hawai’i.

By the middle part of 2016, the Bellevue Brewing Company:

  • Will have completed its cellar build-out and capacity should reach approximately 11,250 BBLs.
  • Will identify a second brewing location.