Grand Teton Brewing Sour Grand SaisonGrand Teton Brewing:
Cellar Reserve Series: Sour Grand Saison

We brewed Sour Grand Saison using an old brewing technique called “three threads,” blending a trio of unique beers into one harmonious whole. Each of the “threads” were carefully tasted and thoughtfully combined to create the wonderfully complex and delicious Sour Grand Saison. This style pairs well with an astonishing variety of foods. Drink it with grilled sausage or chicken, green curry with coconut milk, or a summer salad with vinaigrette and crumbled bleu cheese.

Sour Grand Saison is the second release in our 2015 Cellar Reserve Series and will be available May 15 in 1/2 and 1/6 barrel kegs and bottle-conditioned 750mL cases.