21st Amendment Session IPASAN FRANCISCO – In 2011, 21st Amendment Brewery launched HAM, the space chimp, into orbit with the release of one of the first and original session ales, Bitter American. Plucked from the jungle floor, HAM was tasked with the important mission of bringing a beer with all the hop aroma and flavor of an IPA, and only 4.4% alcohol, to the people of America. The mission was accomplished and now 21A co-founders Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan are bringing HAM back to Earth for the national debut of Down to Earth, Session IPA, replacing Bitter American in 21st Amendment’s year round line-up.

“Down to Earth is the natural evolution (pun intended) of our favorite chimp. It’s the second act of HAM’s story. He’s back home and enjoying some well-deserved relaxation,” explains Freccia. “A tribute to unplanned adventures and unsung heroes, this is the ideal beer to enjoy after a long work day or when you have a full afternoon of play ahead.”

“Down to Earth has all the great malt backbone of Bitter American but just as HAM’s story evolved, so has this Session IPA. I had fun mixing up the hops and flavor profile,” said Brewmaster O’Sullivan. “We added several late additions and capped it with Mosaic and Centennial dry hops, two of my favorites. Both are amazing and the combination is over the top hop goodness.”