Terminal Gravity TapOutTerminal Gravity Brewing is excited to announce the seasonal release of TapOut American Strong Ale.  For the first time ever, Terminal Gravity’s TapOut will be available for a limited time in six packs and single 12 ounce bottles all across Oregon and Washington.

Coming in at 9.8%, TapOut is incredibly smooth for the high octane ABV.

“Tap Out is one of the few beers we make that leans towards the malty side of the flavor profile,” remarked head brewer Frank Helderman, “Putting it in bottles for the first time ever allows us to share this delicious, rich, and surprisingly easy to drink beer with scads of people who have never tasted it before, and I am looking forward to spreading the wealth, as it were.

The finely balanced blend of lightly kilned malts is no small task either, Helderman says, “We’re really pushing the envelope as far as how much grain we can get into our mash and lauter tuns. It requires a certain amount of patience and “listening” to how the mash wants to behave. It doesn’t like to get pushed or rushed.”

Since early 2014, Terminal Gravity has been working on a lot of different one-off and seasonal draught beers (think Eagle Cap IPA and Wallowa Lake Lager and wanted to replicate that robust strategy within the off-premise/package side of things.

“We’ve had really solid success in years past with TapOut on draught, but we also wanted folks to have an alternative vessel to enjoy this beer,” says Kevin Harlander, TG’s marketing manager.  “We’ve been in the process of adding some additional seasonal varieties to our package line up, and TapOut will be the first in 2015.