Hot Lips SodaMigration BrewingPortland, Ore. – HOTLIPS Soda and Migration Brewing are teaming up in an unprecedented partnership to produce PDX Radler, a limited-edition springtime beverage. The brew features Migration’s bright, crisp PDX Kölsch blended with HOTLIPS Lemon Soda, made with organic lemon juice and pure cane sugar. The first kegs will be tapped on March 20th, the Spring Equinox.

The PDX Radler represents the first in a rotating series of Radler- and Shandy-style drinks that HOTLIPS will be producing in partnership with local breweries. The Migration Radler will be on tap while the supply lasts at all six HOTLIPS restaurants in Portland, and one keg will be provided to the Horse Brass Pub on Southeast Belmont.

“This is the kind of community-building that everyone can get behind,” said David Yudkin, co-owner of HOTLIPS Pizza + Soda. “We’re always looking for new ways to innovate with our fellow Portland businesspeople, and this kind of partnership isn’t just local—it’s delicious.”

“In pairing a brew from Northeast Glisan with HOTLIPS’ soda, brewed on Southeast Hawthorne, there’s no question that this Radler is pure Portland,” said Eric Banzer-Lausberg, co-owner of Migration Brewing. “We’re excited to bring together the best of Portland’s craft beer and craft soda into one refreshing, enjoyable brew.”

Migration’s PDX Kölsch is a clean and crisp, exceptional session beer showcasing two hop varieties combined with a diverse grain profile and a slightly lemony finish. HOTLIPS’ Lemon Soda is bright and brisk with soft bubbles, just sweet enough to round out the pucker. The combination is refreshing, bright and lemony, and perfectly suited for sipping on a Portland spring day.