Bellevue BrewingFrom Bellevue Brewing:
We’ll be tapping a Pin Cask this Thursday (3/12) at 4:00pm.

We’ll be featuring our Scotch Ale dosed with Scottish heather and primed with muscovado sugar, which imparts floral and herbal notes to our already infamous Scotch Ale.  Details:  7.7% ALC/VOL  |  32 BU  |  19.5º Plato

Cask conditioning an ale is a traditional English preparation and presentation; it’s less carbonated and warmer than the typical serving temperature for most beers.  As carbonation and temperature also affect the perception of flavor, cask conditioned ales tend to allow subtler flavors to emerge for a fuller expression of flavor.  Less carbonation in the beer may also allow one to consume the beer faster than carbonated styles, so be careful and mind your sipping rate!

There are about 40 pints in a Pin Cask, so be sure to arrive early!