Wa Belgian FestBelgianfest Beer List!
January 31, 2015 Ÿ Bell Harbor International Conference Center, Pier 66

The Washington Beer Commission is proud to announce the beer list for the 6th Annual Belgianfest beer tasting festival at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center (Pier 66) on Seattle’s waterfront. The event will feature 42 Washington Breweries pouring more than 100 unique, innovative and delicious Belgian style, Washington brewed beers.

Belgianfest will have two sessions on Saturday, January 31, beginning with a Noon – 4:00pm session, and followed by 5:30pm – 9:30pm session on Saturday evening.

The Bell Harbor International Conference Center is located at 2211 Alaskan Way, Pier 66, Seattle, WA 98121. Tickets are available now at washingtonbeer.com and are $35 in advance or $40 at the door (per session). This event has sold out the last five years and advance ticket sales are brisk. The afternoon session is already 75% sold!

Belgian style beer is perhaps the most unique of all of the beer styles. As you look over the list of Washington Breweries and their Belgian style names imagine beers with flavors of orange zest, vanilla, toffee, cherries, chocolate, raspberries, citrus, apricot, or peppercorns, just to name a handful of the flavors infused in these amazing brews. This is a perfect way to get warmed up a day before the Seahawks take on New England in the Super Bowl on Sunday!

Complete event info is available at: washingtonbeer.com

2015 Belgianfest Beer List
American Brewing
1) Saison Rouge
2) Stupid Sexy Flanders

Anacortes Brewery
1) Raspberry Roulette
2) Broken Link Sour
3) Imperial Flanders
4) Jaune Aigre (shoon ay’-gra)

Big Al Brewing
1) Time Capsule August 2014
2) Time Capsule September 2014
3) Time Capsule October 2014

Black Raven Brewing
1) Raven de Garde
2) Bourbon La Petite Mort

Boundary Bay Brewery
1) Dubbel

Der Blokken Brewery
1) Castover Belgian Style Ale
2) Margaux Belgian Tripel

Dick’s Brewing
1) Dick’s Silk Lady
2) Dick’s Grand Cru

Elliott Bay Brewing
1) Organic Dry-hopped Hop Von Belgian-style IPA
2) Saison Folle (aka Mad Season)
3) Blended Sour Red Von
4) Mink the Mischief Maker

Elysian Brewing
1) Bête Blanche
2) Bitch In a Barrel
3) Saison Gris\
4) Sour Grapes
5) The Perfessser
6) Mr. Yuck
7) Andre The Giant Double IPA
8)Marché le Public

Fish Brewing
1) Reel Ales Monkfish

Fremont Brewing
1) Rye Saison
2) Fremonks Tripel
3) Sour Weisse

Gallaghers’ Where U Brew
1)Monk Tripel
2)Belgian White
3) Belgian Black

Georgetown Brewing
1) Le Coq Rouge:
2) Donkey Deux

Hale’s Ales
1) Guapo’s Saison
2) Gold Rush

Hilliard’s Beer
1) Oak Aged Saison
2) Sweet little rye

Holy Mountain Brewing
1) Bonne Nuit
2) The Ox

Lantern Brewing
1) Wallonia
2) Des Moines
3) Bonneville

1) Ambrosia Berry Belgian
2) Two Block Walk

Menace Brewing
1) The Belgian Pickle
2) Saison
3) Farmhouse Pale

Odin Brewing
1) Belgian Table Beer
2) Fauxboise-Sour Raspberry Ale

Paradise Creek Brewery
1) Culture Shock
2) Daily Dubbel
3) Stocking Stuffer

Peddler Brewing
1) Night Rider Dark Saison
2) Night Rider Dark Saison, Oak Aged with Brett (First Session only)
3) Belgian Dubbel
4) Belgian Style Dubbel, Aged with Brett & Green Apples (Second Session Only)

Pike Brewing
1)Pike Monk’s Uncle Tripel Whiskey Barrel Aged
2) Pike Tinkertown Tart

Propolis Brewing
1) Spruce
2) Achillea
3) Zephyros

Pyramid Breweries
1) Pyramid Dubbel

Rainy Daze Brewing
1) Klaas Vaak
2) Bewildered Stout

Ram Brewery
1) Ram Barrel Sour
2) Ramification

Ramblin’ Road Brewery
1) Barrel-Aged Midnight Rambler Sour Dark
2) Barrel-Aged Mosey-On Golden Strong
3) Barrel-Aged Vagabond Sour Farmhouse
4) Barrel-Aged Kerouac Imperial Farmhouse
5) Wild Card IPA
6) Red Rover Sour Red
7) Plowed Farmhouse Ale

Redhook Brewery
1) Ella Ardennes
2) Ella Hops

Schooner EXACT Brewing
1) Mosaic Saison
2) Sour Ale

Scuttlebutt Brewing
1) Scuttlebutt’s Dill and Peppercorn Saison
2) Scuttlebutt’s Ember, a Smoked Belgian Red Ale
3) Scuttlebutt’s Tripel 7

Silver City Brewery
1) The Giant Made Of Shadows
2) B-town Sour Brown
3) French Kiss
4) Off The Wall Belgian-Style Black Ale
5) Le Fat

Snipes Mountain Brewing
1) Longrifle Rye Saison
2) Sour Golden

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing
1) Belgisch Trepkaard

Sound Brewery
1) Entendez Noel Belgian Quadrupel
2) Ursus Spelaeus

Strong Arm Brewing
1) Berserker
2) Goldilocks

Three Magnets Brewing
1) Karakterbier
2) Helsing Farmhouse Ale

Tin Dog Brewing
1) Hoppe the Belgian
2) Saison

Triplehorn Brewing
 1) Mystic Belgian Strong Dark,
2) Shakti Farmhouse Belgian Saison
3) Belgian White Pale Ale
4) Angry Monkey Belgian IPA
5) Stupid Monk-e Belgian Tripel

Wander Brewing
1) Petite Monk Table Beer
2) Wander Tripel

Wingman Brewers
1) Chocofortress
2) Brett Berliner Weisse
3) Cherry Bruin

Yakima Craft Brewing
1) Bad Monk
2) Good Monk