Elysian LoserFrom Elysian Brewing: Loser remembers it all. At least the good parts. Loser remembers the days when you used to run into members of all the bands around town and in the clubs, catching each other’s shows. Loser’s lucky he survived himself, with all the slam dancing, stage diving and crowd surfing he used to do. Could have broken his neck. Got kicked out of clubs, but always seemed to weasel his way back in.

Seattle was the city back then, before Portland, before Brooklyn, before Oakland. Okay, after Minneapolis. Loser laughed when long stocking caps and Royal Stuart shirttails found their way into the New York Times style pages, when Nirvana was on Saturday Night Live and Teen Spirit blew their whole year’s ad budget on a single spot. When Kurt Cobain wore his “Corporate Magazines Suck” shirt on the cover of Rolling Stone, and when he updated it a while later, on another RS cover. Those were the days. So are these.

Loser is a 7% ABV pale ale, bittered with Sorachi Ace and Crystal hops from Washington and available in six-packs, classic 22-ounce bottles and on draft throughout Elysian’s distribution network.