Reuben's Brews logoFrom Reuben’s Brews: Exciting news! Over the last two years, we’ve been struggling to brew enough beer. In the taproom we’ve been managing beers down to the last keg and have worked hard to keep a variety of beers on tap, but it’s been tough. Quite simply, we haven’t had enough beer for our current bar and bottle store customers, let alone the ability to take on new ones. For the past 18 months we’ve been brewing at capacity and couldn’t physically brew any more beer in our current space, so we’ve been exploring opportunities for a larger space. And now we are thrilled to announce that we finally found the perfect spot! Late last year we signed the lease on a space two blocks from our current location!

Our goal is to open the new space this spring, likely in April or May, so nothing will change right away. We’re currently working with architects and the city to design the space, but here’s what we can tell you so far:

  • The taproom room will move from the current location to the new one, where it will be bigger, open longer hours, and have even more taps.
  • The new space will have a 15 barrel brewhouse, so we’ll be able to brew more beer! We’ll retain the same feel of our current space by keeping the brewery operations connected to the taproom.
  • We will turn our current brewery into a brewery and barrelhouse. This will enable us to brew more barrel-aged beers, including the Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout, expand our barrel-aging program to other beers, develop our sour beer program, and create more experimental beers.
  • We will be able to devote more tanks to our lager program, which means we’ll be able to brew the California Common regularly and get to some lagers we haven’t been able to yet, including a Pilsner, Baltic Porter, Oktoberfest, Dopplebock and Dark Lager.

Right now, not much is physically happening at the new space. All the work we’re doing is around permits, equipment, and licensing. Once things really start happening with the remodeling, you can follow the progress on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.