Top Rung Beer Pairing Dinner2From Top Rung Brewing –
We are pleased to announce three of the four courses of our awesome upcoming Beer Pairing Dinner with our friends from EZ Foods Catering: This Artisan BBQ Four course menu combines traditional smoking methods with modern gastronomy.

Appetizer – Cheese & fruit plate ~ Organic raw smoked kefir cheese spread, served with herb flat bread , marinated figs & cantaloupe. Molecular Salad Gem lettuces, arugula, purple haze carrots, yellow sweet tomatoes dressed with cinnamon pear balsamic pearls & cold pressed Arborosa olive oil from the Olympia olive oil company. Entree Brisket & pork terrine – 16 hr pecan smoked beef brisket bound to a pulled pork center served with beurre rouge & potatoes garnished with pickled beets. Dessert is still to be announced.

Tickets are still available!!
When: January 25th
Time: 6pm
Place: Top Rung Brewing