Wingman Brewers Peanut Butter Cup PorterPeanut Butter Cup Porter 22oz Bomber Release 
You asked for it and now you’re gunna get it in all its chocolatey, peanutty, portery goodness. Do you love peanut butter cups but dislike that you have the chew them? Would you enjoy peanut butter cups just a little bit more if they were mixed with P-51 Porter and weighed in at 8% alcohol by volume?

If so, then this is the combination of beer and candy you’ve been waiting for. We take the already scrumptious P-51 Porter and add in a healthy dose of chocolate and … wait for it … peanut butter.  This fine ale will be released on Saturday January 17th at the Wingman Brewers Taproom during the infamous Porterpalooza!

Wingman Brewers Big Baby Flat TopBourbon Barrel Aged Big Baby Flat Top 500ml 2015 limited release
Those lucky enough to try this beer at the Denizens of the Dark event this past November will tell you tales of the Willett Distillery Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Baby Flat Top Imperial Stout… With a name like that, it’s no wonder that even after just one keg, we’ve already heard a few nicknames for the beer.  The Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Baby Flat Top aka Bourbon Flat Top aka BFT is the culmination, nay merger of Kentucky’s best bourbon barrels and Wingman Brewers’ big ol’ stout.  We are very proud to be putting this beer in bottles so that you can share in our love for the dark mistress that is the Bourbon Flat Top.  It’s coming, and we will release it into the wild during Porterpalooza at the Wingman Brewers Taproom in Tacoma.