Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomme(San Marcos, CA) – First produced in 1999 when Tomme Arthur was Head Brewer at Pizza Port Solana Beach, The Lost Abbey’s 2014 Cuvee de Tomme release will have a different wrinkle; it will be released as a draft-only beer.

“We had a few packaging constraints near the end of this year so we just didn’t have the means to get Cuvee into bottles” said Tomme Arthur, Co-founder and Chief Operating Owner of The Lost Abbey. “But the good news is we’ll have more kegs and be able to spread the wealth to some territories that have never had it in years past.”

Cuvee de Tomme is a blended beer that starts with a base of Judgment Day, The Lost Abbey’s abbey quad brewed with raisins, and aged with Brettanomyces in bourbon, brandy and red wine barrels. Initial notes of tart cherries, acid from the Brett, which develops into a deep barrel character with hints of Vanilla, oak and tannins.

Kegs of Cuvee de Tomme will hit the entire Port Brewing/Lost Abbey distribution network starting this week.