Kulshan BrewingKulshan Brewing – Barrel-Aged Shuksan Russian Imperial Stout

Saving the best beer news for last, Kulshan will soon be bottling a limited edition, Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout! Tom provided us some detail on this special project: “Like the reverb of an amp, barrels add a dynamic to beer that builds upon layers of flavor. We chose American Single Malt Whiskey Barrels from Westland Distillery to be our amplifier. This beer is a blend of three batches of our Shuksan Russian Imperial Stout: one aged 10 months in barrels, and  two batches made with different yeast strains. Together we have created a beer that is robust, smooth, and elegant. The sharp tones of whiskey and oak cut through the sweet chocolate and coffee notes to produce a complex richness able to turn any evening up to eleven.”

Stay tuned to our website and facebook page for further details as they develop over the coming weeks. Look sharp to get some of this unique holiday treat!