Hopsschool BD2This week we are learning about a new hop that I just heard about last week.  Now pay attention we will have a quest afterwards.  Now grab a pint and learn about the wonderful Cashmere hops.

A little hop from Hop Union
Daughter of Cascade and containing Northern Brewer germplasm through the male parent.

Brewing Usage
Dual Purpose

Mild herbal aroma with strong melon, lemon, lime and slightly spicy notes.

Alpha – Fresh Hops
7.7 – 9.1%

Additional Information
Released by Washington State University in 2013. Go Cougs…
Contains a higher alpha acid content than Cascade and twice as much humulene. Provides smooth bitterness with mild aroma.

Beers that use Cashmere – 
Triple Voodoo Brewing – Stag Hop Series 2 IPA

Now class here is your quest find me a beer with Cashmere Hops in it.  First back wins admiration of the BrewDad Hops School class.