Standard BrewingStandard Brewing – Christmakwanzakkah Ale 

‘Tis the season with a lotta reasons, and we’ve got a beer for most of them. If you’re already burned out on seasonal carols that started before Halloween, and fighting about who’s holiday it is, escape the madness with a diplomatic glass of winter warmer. Just tapped today, Christmakwanzakkah Ale will bring a little cheer to anyone. We used a lot of dark grain in this full bodied beer, and some wheat to smooth it out. It’s balanced by a healthy sprinkling of Chinook hops throughout the brewing process. It’s 8%, full bodied, and after you enjoy the rich chocolate/pine combination up front, you may pick up the subtle festive notes provided by the orange peel, star anise and rosemary we threw in the fermenter for complexity. If you need a beer to warm you heart after a long day of seasonal rigamarole, we’ve got your back.

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