Brickyard Brewing2HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! December 13th

Live music @ 6pm with Aaron Mesaros Jazz Trio
New BEER – Trail Marker IPA release

Food & Raffle Prizes
It’s that time of year to reflect back on a year of great beer and friends with you guessed it – great beer, great friends, swinging music and a party.

Releases this week – As of December 3rd
Winters Pumpkin Patch Saison – 4% ABV
Belgian-style saison deliciously flavored with Pete’s local grown sugar-pie pumpkins, honey, and hibiscus tea. – This one is limited to the taproom only.

Masonry Oatmeal Stout – Re-Release @ 6.8% ABV
You know what this means – time to get out your glass & stick a fork in it cuz it’ll stand up. In the past months, we worked over the recipe to make it even more full flavored but still remain super smooth.

The Bourbon Oaked Stout – We’ll be asked – so the details are that it’ll be available in February, for the Washington Brewers Open house. We’ll then have a super limited release of double oaked around the May-June time frame.