Epic Brewing Elder BrettI love this beer and name.  Growing up in Utah one of my good college friends “Brett” was an Elder and also a handful. When he got kicked off his mission for going down to Tijuana while seeing the Donkey shows.  Don’t ask if you need to know what that is just look it up – But, don’t blame me for what you see.   Here’s to you Brett –

From Epic Brewing (Utah) – This year’s release pours a crystal clear straw color with hints of green in the highlights. The aroma suggests bright under-ripe fruit, nectarine pit and tangerine peel, with a well cellared, chardonnay complexity. The Brettanomyces funk that defines this beer is more restrained this season, blending smoothly with the white oak of the barrel. The finish is sour and crisp but still allows both the pilsner malt and oats to surface before a light astringent bitterness sets in. Elder Brett is best enjoyed in a snifter glass at a cool, not cold, temperature. Pair it with lighter but complex dishes such as white fish, hard cheeses, salads with bitter greens or fruit based deserts.