DecapNCatcherGift Conundrum Solved for the Beer Geek –

Are you wondering what would be a great gift for that special Beer Geek in your life?  Does he (or she) open beers, yes copious amount of beers, and the caps just fall to the floor.  Well my friends, I am here to tell you about this wonderful invention for you, your sore back and clean floor.  Because it is never the one who opens the beer who picks up the damn cap – am I right?  Well, look no further my friends.  Beer Geeks around the world are reveling at a revolutionary idea.  Your Holiday gift problems are solved.  No more looking through ads or going online.  No need to stand in line with 500 grumpy, over-tired, hungover, gassy people as you wait for the store to open at 3 a.m. No need to fight with the person next to you there is plenty to go around and they are all the same size.  You can even order in your turkey day fat pants.

Hurry Operators are standing by – OK they are  sitting drinking beer as they wait for you to call. 

It snatches and catches caps so fast there’s no time to cry!

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Now go eat some Turkey and drink some tasty Beer.  Hoppy Thanksgiving.