Hops School with BrewDad – Legacy HopsHopsschool BD2

Lets keep it short today. Being a newer hop it is not used by many but when it is you get a great citrus flavor.  So grab one of these beers try it out and tell us what you think in 3 simple words when you come back from Thanksgiving vacation.

Facts about the Hop –
Dual Purpose hop with a clean grapefruit, floral, blackcurrant , and spicy aroma.Black Raven

Typical Brewing Style: Ales, Lagers, and Stouts.

Beers with Legacy Hops –
Black Raven – Nothing but Flowers Session IPA
Two Beers Brewing – SMaSH Legacy
Saranac Brewing – Legacy IPA
Tallgrass Brewing – 8 Bit IPA