Crux Outcast IPABrewery – Crux Fermentation Project
Beer Name – Outcast IPA
Alcohol – 8%
IBU – 60
Hops – Galaxy (Australia)

From Crux This time of year, there is no more coveted hop than the Galaxy from Australia, which was originally populated by England’s outcast convicts. Outcast IPA employs these hops aggressively from hop back to dry hopping stages. Yet the result is a balanced and bronzy ale, with medium hop bitterness complemented by moderate maltiness, showcasing aromas and flavors reminiscent of passion fruit. Released on the heels of Northwest-hopped Insider IPA, Outcast is a secret handshake between hemispheres.

My Take- This was a super tasty IPA lots of hop forward flavors.  Has a complex hoppiness that for some this will come off like a bomb of citrus earthy hops in the glass.  I was impressed this is a very tasty beer. 

Ratebeer Rating –   3.8  out of 5.0 – Outcast IPA