Reubens Brews Bourbon Imperial StoutReuben’s Brews – This Saturday, 15 November we’ll be releasing the bottles of the 2014 Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout! Details of this year’s beer – including the various special beers we’ll be pouring – can be found on this link to our blog: To celebrate the release on the 15th we’ll have some additional special beers on tap and Burgerphenia will be with us serving food – including some breakfast sandwiches for the early starters! On tap we’ll have the 2014 BBIS, it’s base beer – the 2014 non-barrel aged Imperial Stout, and we’ll bring out one 1/6BBL of the 2013 BBIS. After this, we only have one more 1/6 BBL of the 2013 BBIS. We’ll also pour the parti-gyle beer “Emperor’s Son” – the beer we brewed from the second runnings from the Imperial Stout.  That alone made a 5% beer!

BBIS release
Highlights of the release day will be:
– Doors will open at noon
– We anticipate a 3 bottle limit per person;
– The 2014 BBIS will be on tap, a small amount of the 2013 BBIS, as well as the un-barrel aged 2014 base beer.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy the 2014 Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout.

NOTE – If I can convince my wife I am in needed for the betterment of the beer world I will be there.  Reuben’s Brews is one of my Favs.  Adam I am sure made a terrific beer.