Hi-Fi Brewing

Hi-Fi Brewing a new brewery in Redmond WA has some New Beer releases.  These are some great new people and I love their beer.

Friday Beer Release – COOKIE BUTTER
Seems like everyone I know is crazy for cookie butter – a tasty spread that you can buy at a certail specialty grocery store chain. Rightfully so! It’s like a spreadable version of Speculoos cookies, which are scientifically proven to be delicious. We wanted to take it one step further, and create the drinkable version. The result is Cookie Butter. Toasty, biscuity, and spicy notes combine in this homage to the cookie and the spread. Available Friday in the taproom.

Friday Beer Release -JUICY
We continue our series of on-off IPAs, and our tribute to Biggie Smalls, with Juicy. Clocking in at just 50 IBU, it’s not a palate-shredding bitter beer. But with liberal application of hops late in the brewing process, we’ve packed it full of hop flavor. Sorachi Ace hops figure heavily into the dry hop treatment, contributing a nice bright citrus aroma that many describe as lemony. Available Friday in the taproom

About Hi-Fi
The needle first dropped into the groove in 2009, when John and Ryan bumped into each other at the Craft Brewers Conference. They were members of the same homebrew club back home (the Mt. Si Brewing Society in Snoqualmie – no rules, no dues, just beer), but hadn’t realized that they shared a dream to “go pro.”
Upon his return from that conference, John started riffing on a business plan, and eventually turned up the volume to include his wife Cathy, Ryan, and fellow Mt. Si club member Joe.

After a few meetings, we found our resonant frequency as a group: an honest, straightforward approach to beer and to business.

The name Hi-Fi Brewing is a reflection of that approach. We maintain a high level of fidelity to our customers, our suppliers, our employees, and our beer.