Hopsschool BD2

OK Kids put down your beers, phones and shut down your Untappd apps for a minutes. This week we will learn about Saaz Hops and the wonderful beer it makes.

Saaz Hops – Origins
Saaz is a “noble” variety of hops. It was named after the Czech city of Žatec (German: Saaz). This hop is used extensively in Bohemia to flavor beer styles such as the Czech pilsener. Saaz hops accounted for more than 2/3 of total 2009 hop production in the Czech Republic.

Saaz has a very distinctive flavor. When used in beer, the resultant aroma is very mild, earthy, herbal and spicy. Despite its popularity and noble pedigree, Saaz generally has a very low Alpha Acid level and is not very effective as a bittering hop. This hop is generally used for Bohemian style lagers and pilseners.

Another variety of Saaz hops has been propagated in the United States of America. The US variety has a higher Alpha Acid content than the original Czech variety.

Saaz Hops uses – Aroma
IBU’s since there are two varieties European and USPilsener Urquell
Europe – 2.5-4
US – 6.3-7

Beers you find this commonly –
Pilsner Urquell
DogFish Head – Black & Blue
Deschutes Brewing – Vallkyrie Black IPA
Harpoon Brewery – Bohemian Pilsner
Weyerbacher Brewery – Muse Farmhouse Ale