Bison Brewing Red Reuben2From My Friends at Bison Brewing – We don’t always make a big deal about random food holidays––but National Sandwich Day is too great of theme to pass up!!! Especially, since we just released our deli sandwich-inspired Red Reuben Ale.

Designed with the famous deli sandwich in mind, Red Reuben Ale is a zesty American-style Amber ale brewed with spicy rye malt and peppery caraway seeds. (Check out Brewed For Thought’s review here).

Deep amber with ruby hues, Red Reuben fills the nose with subtle aromas of caraway, toasted rye bread and citrusy hops. On the tongue, Red Reuben has a soft caramel sweetness with notes of over-ripe plum, roasted almonds, white pepper and a long, dry and spicy finish.