Reuben's Brews logoReuben’s Brews – Introducing Ottrey Brown Porter, a cross-continental collaboration

Last summer, we brewed London Calling – a traditional British Pale Ale – as a nod to Adam’s UK roots. This month, we’re doing it again with Ottrey Brown Porter, a collaboration with Windsor & Eton Brewery.

Last year, Adam and Grace made a visit to Windsor & Eton brewery, which is located a few blocks from where Adam attended high school in Windsor, England. After talking with the brewery team, they decided they should brew a beer together. Of course, the breweries being on different continents created a few logistical challenges. Rather than having one brew team fly to the other’s brewery, they decided to brew the exact same beer at the same time.

Creating this brown porter gave both breweries the push to use ingredients we might not have otherwise. It includes dark British crystal malt and Windsor yeast, which we’ve never used before, and pale chocolate malt and crystal rye, which Windsor has never used before. The final beer has some rich, toffee, plum and prune notes with a little smoke complexity and a hint of rye spice on the finish.

We named our version Ottrey Brown Porter after the house that Adam was in while attending Windsor Boys’ School. It comes in at 4.8% ABV and 28 IBUs. Windsor & Eton Brewery will call theirs Brew 882 Seattle Porter.

Ottrey Brown Porter will make its debut in our taproom on Saturday, Nov. 1. Don’t miss your chance to try this special cross-continental collaboration!

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