Pacific Brewing & MaltingI had the chance to visit Pacific Brewing & Malting the other day and if your headed to Tacoma anytime soon this is a must add to your beer adventures.

From Tacoma Brewing & Malting – 
The history of craft brewing in Tacoma goes back much further than you may think. The Pacific Brewing and Malting Company, formed in Downtown Tacoma in 1897, grew to be one of the largest breweries in the Northwest. The Pacific Beer brand was hugely popular along the entire West Coast. Success was cut short by state-wide Prohibition in 1916 and Pacific Brewing closed its doors shortly thereafter.

Now, nearly 100 years later, Pacific Brewing is back in Downtown Tacoma. Reformed by a group of local beer enthusiasts with a love of Tacoma and its rich history, PB&M is once again setting its sights on being one of the premier craft breweries in the Northwest.

Our brewery and taproom, located at 610 Pacific Avenue, is a family-friendly establishment serving a variety of Pacific beer styles. Food will not be served, but can be ordered in from one of the many nearby restaurants. Growlers are available to-go and beer will eventually be available at local bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and bottle shops.

Pacific Brewing will craft the beers that YOU want to drink and live up to our 117 year old legacy.

Pacific Brewing & Malting