Bison Brewing Red ReubenBERKELEY, Calif. (Bison Brewing)–Known for brewing with unique ingredients like basil, lemongrass and rose petals––Bison Brewing has announced the release of yet another kitchen-inspired beer; Red Reuben Ale. Taking inspiration from the famous deli sandwich, Red Reuben is a zesty American-style Amber ale brewed with spicy rye malt and peppery caraway seeds.

“Beer is liquid bread, you know?” notes Dan Del Grande, Bison’s owner and brewmaster. “So why shouldn’t it taste like a sandwich every now and then?”

Deep amber with ruby hues, Red Reuben fills the nose with subtle aromas of caraway, toasted rye bread and citrusy hops. On the tongue, Red Reuben has a soft caramel sweetness with notes of over-ripe plum, roasted nuts, white pepper and a long, dry and spicy finish.

“It’s like a Reuben sandwich in a bottle,” Del Grande jokes. “All this beer needs is a bag of sea salt and vinegar Kettle Chips and a dill pickle––and you’re good to go.”

Although it might be physically possible, Bison does not recommend trying to survive on Red Reuben Ale alone. They suggest pairing the beer with deli sandwiches, sausages, pickled things and––quite obviously––a Reuben sandwich.

Red Reuben will be available this fall in 22 oz. bottles and on draft. For more information on Red Reuben, please contact