Bison Brewing Ginger BreadFrom Bison Brewing – Hello Bison friends, fans and partners! I have great news! I decided to brew my ever-popular Gingerbread Ale a little early this year––but not too early, as no one really wants to drink fall beers in the summer (right?).

Today marks the first day of fall––but more importantly, today marks the first day of Gingerbread Ale season! We are starting to ship the first Gingerbread kegs and cases this week––so you should start to see it hit the market in the next two weeks. If you have any questions about distribution and sales of Gingerbread, please contact my Director of Awesomeness at!

Every year, I tweak the Gingerbread Ale oh-so-slightly. This year, I added a bit more specialty and caramel malts to the recipe to give it more of a molasses-like character. The spices are a little softer this year, which I think gives the beer more balance and drinkability. Overall, I’m very happy with this year’s batch and hope you will like it too!

If you are a fan of experimenting with beer in the kitchen (like me) then you should check out the Gingerbread Ale recipes below that have been posted by some of our favorite craft beer and food bloggers!

Wish You Were Beer,
Daniel Del Grande