Big Daddy’s ESB RETURNS For a Very Limited Time Release.

On Draft & in 22oz. Bottles Starting September 29th

Silver City Brewing Big Daddys ESB

Citra Wet Hop Returns TUESDAY, Sept. 30

on Draft & in 22oz. Bottles!

Every fall, brewers around the world anxiously await the harvest of a principal brewing ingredient: the hop. Hops are traditionally dried, losing some of their intense raw character while retaining the necessary oils to season beer. Some brewers make the extra effort to obtain farm fresh or “wet” hops to create something special.This year, Silver City Brewery showcases the green, unkilned character of the Citra Hop. Citra Pale Ale features aromas of tangerine and orange blossom and full flavors reminiscent of pineapple and pine resin creating a tantalizing experience for any hop lover.

6.1% ABV * 26 IBU’s
Silver City Brewing Citra Wet Hop