Black RavenBlack Raven Brewing Company & Snipes Mountain Brewery  A collaboration beer
“2014 Fresh Hop Saison” Wet hopped saison ale  |
6.4% ABV

Release date: Saturday, September 27th
@ Black Raven Brewing Company (Noon)

Taproom and growler fills to go!  

The story behind the beer:

“Every year since 2009 when Black Raven Brewing opened, we have collaborated with Snipes Mountain Brewery on a fresh hop beSnipes Mountain Brewinger. This year it was our turn to be the host brewery and we bring you this annual treat with pride.”

The beer:
“This was brewed as a fairly standard saison ale with a traditional saison yeast strain. That’s where tradition ends and Yakima hops begin. We threw 394 pounds of wet, freshly picked Citra hop cones into this bad boy. Take that tradition!”

– Beaux Bowman

Technical data:
Malts: Pilsner, wheat, rye and oats.
Hops: Citra (wet cones direct from field same day)
Yeast: Saison
ABV: 6.4%
IBU: 30-somethingish
Process: 394 pounds of hop cone added into hop back (converted mash tun).

If it got any fresher, you might slap it.