Stone Brewing Stochasicity HibiscusictyESCONDIDO, CA – Another unique and nearly unpronounceable Stochasticity Project beer will begin arriving in 22-ounce bottles and on draft at retailers, bars and restaurants in select markets nationwide beginning this week. Stochasticity Project Hibiscusicity is a Belgian-style strong ale infused with hibiscus flowers and orange peel.

“On a warm day in San Diego, I was enjoying a glassof a hibiscus-infused beer by Dieu du Ciel! called Rosée d’Hibiscus,” explains Brewmaster Mitch Steele. “I was impressed with its delightfully refreshing qualities and was inspired to create my own recipe utilizing hibiscus. In Stochasticity Project Hibiscusicity, the flower contributes a distinct, naturally tart flavor when added during the brewing process and gives the beer a reddish hue. The addition of orange peel provides a nice burst of citrus that complements the spiciness of the Belgian yeast.”

The recipe for a citrusy, hibiscus-flavored wheat ale that Steele conceived was first brewed on the 10-barrel brewhouse at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station. Originally named “Going Red,” the beer was a special-release offering to promote awareness of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign.

The addition of Magnum and Sterling hops provides a balanced bitterness to the beer’s citrusy, berrylike spiciness, while the malted wheat adds a subtle yet sweet bready flavor to complement the tartness of the hibiscus flowers. Giving the beer tropical fruit and banana characters, the Belgian yeast strain Ardennes was used to complete the unique brew. As a result of this serendipitous combination of ingredients, fans will savor a flavorful beer that is complex, refreshing and easy to drink. Stochasticity Project Hibiscusicity may be enjoyed now or cellared for several months or years.