Digital PourDigitalPour Offers Conversion Discount of No Sign Up Fee

Portland, Oregon – DigitalPour, the premier provider of digital displays and POS-integrated inventory tracking for bars and restaurants, is currently offering a special opportunity for new users who are currently using a digital menu display application. For a limited time, DigitalPour is offering a conversion discount for customers who want to upgrade their current digital dashboard system and sign up for the basic display service with NO sign-up fee.

The basic service, which includes software, an API which allows real-time beer lists to post to the bar’s website, a Facebook draft list application, integration with Twitter to alert followers and breweries of recently tapped selections, as well as integration with several popular social media and industry-related apps, is $79/ month on a month-to-month agreement.

The POS-integrated service includes all of the basic features, as well as the ability to create robust analytic reports that help track inventory, losses and sales trends, within your existing POS platform.  This ensures you are better equipped to maximize efficiency and profitability. The conversion discount applies for the POS service, which is a one-time fee of $99 and $99/month on a month-to-month agreement.

Both services include 24/7 customer support with our development team, to ensure simple and effective integration and use.

Over the past three years, DigitalPour has established itself as an innovative thought-leader in the bar and restaurant industrywith its unique and effective combination of design and technology.

For details and inquiries visit or call (503) 880-5510 or email:

About DigitalPour: Lisa Marcus and Eric Sterling founded DigitalPour in Portland, Oregon in 2011. The DigitalPour software can host any product using a tap system with bottle inventory system coming soon.