Chainline BrewingA new brewery in Kirkland has hit a snag with its new neighbors.  As it is a dance studio the studio moms have written letters complaining the brewery will corrupt the kids.  Here is from Chainline Brewing themselves.

Here is the letter from WSLCB –  Link 

It appears the dark forces have been active again. This time They’ve hit the State Liquor Control Board. Our application has now been classified as ‘disputed’. The state has asked for letters of support to offset the negative comments they have received (17 emails). If you can, please help us by
1) Emailing a letter of support! Please! It doesn’t have to be a new one if you’ve already sent one to the Council, just forward it on. Emails should be directed to our license investigator Ashley Honeywell:

2) Spread the word! Like, share, retweet etc. The more people who know the better.

Your response to the City was amazing and if this is anything like the last time I, I hope we can blow them out of the water with the response. I would be just sick if 17 people manage to derail the dream of bringing a craft brewery to OUR neighborhood. With your help I’m confident we can prevail.

Thank You,

Scott & Michelle